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How to deal with gravure printing paste (fogging, scraping)

Pubdate:2020-05-16 15:41:46 Hits:550

1 reason for paste

Because of the abrasion of scraper and the bad grinding, the efficiency of scraping ink is reduced.

Plate chrome plating is not good, or because of wear caused by the plate roll surface damage.

The plate roller is eccentric.

Ink affinity for chromium layer is too large.

The viscosity of the ink is too high to clean.

The solution of 2 paste

Change the scraper or regrind it, adjust the position of the scraper, and pay attention to whether the scraper is loose due to vibration.

Rough layout can be re polished, serious re chrome plating.

Correct the eccentricity of the master roll.

The printing ink reduces viscosity, increases the proportion of new ink, and controls the use of stripping ink.

When the paste is not too serious, wipe the plate roller with gauze, or blow the plate. Pay attention to block the plate, reduce the printing speed, or increase the fast drying solvent.

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