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Beite packaging pays attention to the control of ripening in dry compounding

Pubdate:2020-05-16 15:41:46 Hits:557

Curing, also known as curing, is the process of putting the composite film into the drying room (curing room) to make the main agent and curing agent of polyurethane adhesive react and cross-linked and interact with the surface of composite substrate. The main purpose of curing is to make the main agent and curing agent react fully in a certain period of time to achieve the best composite strength; secondly, to remove residual solvents with low boiling point, such as ethyl acetate.

The curing temperature and time are mainly controlled by the curing temperature and time, which are determined by the properties of the adhesive used and the final performance requirements of the product. Different kinds of adhesives have different curing temperature and time. The curing temperature is too low, lower than 20 ℃, and the reaction of the adhesive is very slow; the aging temperature is too high, the additives of the substrate film precipitate, which will affect the performance of the composite film and increase the peculiar smell. If the curing time is too long, it will also affect the performance of the composite film and increase the peculiar smell, which is mainly caused by the precipitation of the additives in the polyethylene film.

Dongguan Beite packaging materials Co., Ltd. - located in Dongguan, a famous manufacturing city in the world, with a plant area of 6000 square meters, is a soft packaging enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. It has a complete set of advanced domestic production equipment, scientific and human-oriented management system and a group of experienced technical personnel as the backing, to provide customers with high-quality products and first-class services Business. The company produces composite bags, roll film bags, fruit bags, aluminum foil bags, suction mouth bags, self-supporting bags, zipper bags, anti-static bags, special-shaped bags, etc., which are suitable for the internal and external packaging of food, daily chemical, electronics, toys, medicine, cosmetics, industrial products and other industries.

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