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Effect of food packaging bag on food industry

Pubdate:2020-05-16 15:41:46 Hits:579

In the modern packaging industry, packaging bags play a more important role. Packaging bags are used to package all kinds of supplies, and they are widely used in food industry. So what role does food packaging bag play in the food industry? Today, Beite packaging, the manufacturer of food packaging bags, introduces the importance of food packaging bags to the food industry.
The most basic function of packaging bags is to protect products. Food packaging bags need to avoid the influence of external factors (such as kneading, collision, extrusion and other physical factors, light, temperature, water vapor and other environmental factors, chemical factors, microorganisms), so food packaging bags should have physical protection performance.
Food in the process of storage and transportation will be more or less affected by other factors, such as oxygen in the air, water vapor, dust, odor, stains and so on can have a bad impact on food products, food packaging bags have barrier, anti leakage, sealing function, can be very good protection of food. At the same time, some food packaging bags will contain desiccant and deoxidizer to extend the shelf life of food. At the same time, vacuum packaging bag or vacuum packaging bag can be selected to protect food quality. In the process of food production to final consumption or within the shelf life, the ultimate purpose of food packaging bag for food is to ensure food cleanliness, hygiene and safety.
Dongguan Beite packaging materials Co., Ltd. - located in Dongguan City, the world's manufacturing city, is a subsidiary of Beite packaging (China) Co., Ltd., with a plant area of 6000 square meters. It is a flexible packaging enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. It has a complete set of domestic advanced production equipment, a scientific and humanized management system and a group of experienced technical personnel Provide first-class products and support for customers.
The company produces composite bags, roll film, fruit bags, aluminum foil bags, suction mouth bags, self-supporting bags, zipper bags, anti-static bags, special-shaped bags, etc., which are suitable for the internal and external packaging of food, daily chemicals, electronics, toys, medicine, cosmetics, industrial products and other industries.
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