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Bag in box, the best choice for liquid packaging

Pubdate:2020-05-16 15:41:46 Hits:566

The bag in the box is composed of flexible inner bag made of multilayer film, sealed tap switch and carton. It is a kind of packaging form with perfect design for liquid products. The package is composed of a flexible bag body composed of multiple materials and an external box made of cardboard.
Bag in box bag: made of composite film and made of different materials to meet the needs of different liquid packaging, it can provide 2-10 liter aluminum foil bags, transparent bags, single or even rolled standard products, with standard can opening, can be marked by spray code, or customized. The bag body is equipped with a tap like switch, which is convenient to open and take out. The unique design allows the liquid to flow out and prevents the air from entering, thus prolonging the storage and service life of the product.
Bag in box packaging is more convenient for the preservation and handling of products. The internal and external materials are made of environmental protection materials, and less materials are used to reduce the consumption of petroleum products. Compared with the traditional hard packaging, it can save about 35% transportation and storage costs, 85% less garbage than bottled ones. Due to its light weight, the carbon dioxide emission during transportation is 55% less than that of bottled ones. The cost of packaging materials is lower than other packaging forms (such as PET bottles, glass bottles, plastic barrels, etc.).
The fresh liquid products are packed in bags in a box at home. Because of its good fresh-keeping function, convenient taking out method and long-term storage period, the freshest fruit juice products can be brought to consumers, which is very difficult for traditional packaging. Bag in box packaging is widely used in fruit juice, wine, juice beverage, mineral water, edible oil, food additives, industrial chemicals, medical reagents, liquid fertilizers, pesticides, etc. Dongguan Beite packaging materials Co., Ltd www.dgbpk.com

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