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How to deal with the anti sticking problem of gravure heat transfer printing?

Pubdate:2020-05-16 15:41:46 Hits:555

Dongguan Beite packaging materials Co., Ltd. is the first choice of flexible packaging manufacturers, specializing in the production of plastic printing composite packaging: composite bags, suction mouth bags, aluminum foil bags, paper plastic bags, vacuum bags, anti-static bags and packaging film; self-supporting bags, bone sticking bags, three (four) side sealing bags, middle sealing organ bags, self-supporting bottle mouth bags and plastic printing composite films. Products are suitable for food, daily chemical, electronics, washing, toys, medicine, stationery, hardware, cosmetics, daily necessities, agricultural products, industrial products and other industries.
The reasons of anti sticking are as follows
1. The drying is not enough and there are many residual solvents. Especially in the case of deep plate and large amount of slow drying solvent.
2. The film cooling after printing drying is not enough.
3. The pressure is too high when winding.
4. Gold ink and silver ink are easy to dry and cause ink sticking.
Solution of anti sticking:
1. Keep the drying system in the best condition, the drying temperature, air volume and wind speed are appropriate, and match with the printing speed to reduce the residual solvent
2. Check whether the cooling system is in good working condition, so that the film is fully cooled during winding.
3. The winding tension and pressure should be appropriate, and the number of reeling meters should be reduced if necessary.
4. When printing gold ink and silver ink, the printing speed should be reduced and the printing speed should be fully dried.

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