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Kn95 medical mask packaging bag

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Pubdate:2020-05-22 16:14:46
Intro:Medical mask packaging bag, disposable medical mask packaging bag, kn95 mask packaging bag, mask self-supporting z...
Detailed introduction
Product introduction:

Medical mask packaging bag, disposable medical mask packaging bag, kn95 mask packaging bag, mask self-supporting zipper packaging bag, degradable and recyclable certification

Customization: it can be customized according to your product characteristics and requirements

Certificate: QS / BRC / FDA / SGS / RoHS / IAF

Design: if you have the original, you can send it directly to us for modification and plate making, or we can make plate for you according to your products

Proofing: can proofing, 1200 proofing fee, about 15 days

Printing color: multiple combinations, nine color printing machine

Product parameters:

Material: PET / PE can be customized

Size: 180 * 250 * 0.1mm, customizable

Specifications and models are different, please contact our sales personnel for further confirmation

Product use:

Install N95 medical mask, etc

After order:

Kn95 medical mask packaging bags 5 PCs. order quantity: 30000 PCs

Kn95 medical mask packaging bag manufacturer:

Dongguan Beite kn95 medical mask packaging bag factory is a subsidiary of Beite packaging (China) Co., Ltd., with a factory area of 10000 square meters. It is a soft packaging enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. It has a complete set of advanced domestic production equipment, scientific and human-oriented management system and a group of experienced technical personnel as backing to provide customers with high-quality products Quality and considerate service.

The company produces composite bags, roll film bags, fruit bags, aluminum foil bags, suction mouth bags, self-supporting bags, zipper bags, anti-static bags, special-shaped bags, etc., which are suitable for the internal and external packaging of food, daily chemical, electronics, toys, medicine, cosmetics, industrial products and other industries.

We adhere to the business philosophy of sincere cooperation, excellent quality and considerate service, and have been recognized by the industry. Our products are sold to all parts of the world. We welcome friends from all walks of life to call us for consultation, visit our factory for investigation, guidance and business negotiation.


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